Friday, June 20, 2014

The little things

...a spiritual jail of sorts of my own demise; that I've sadly believed I am too busy to enjoy the little things; the mistake in that I couldn't defy my own spiritual gravity; that I was confined to the laws of my own devise from what I have told myself and what has been told to me. Though I've come to realize and know that rules can be bent, even the laws of physics can be in some cases -- malleable. I'd like to believe, have faith and hope that I can think the unthinkable, to expect the unexpected, to be someone who can be both set apart from the rest but intrinsically connected, too; that I can take joy in life and experience an utmost appreciation of and for it. After all, without those breaths of air -- well, I am just so simply happy that I can breathe in -- and that I can breathe out...sorta makes me wonder how anything else could have the same profound effect...

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