Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Butterfly and the Chameleon

A butterfly sat on a rock. He threw his left leg over the right and held his little hand to his bubbly chin. He stared into the setting sun but just to the side enough so that he would not be blinded.

A chameleon walked. He waddled back and forth, using only his two hind legs. When he stopped he propped himself at the foot of the rock and looked up to the butterfly.

“Charlie,” the chameleon started, "What do ya think we’re doing here? The sun is setting and Alexander hasn't shown up yet. I’m starting to get a little worried that she might not make it.”

“Just blend in with the surroundings and everthing’ll be okay. Butterflies are harmless but people don’t much like lizards.”

“But, Charlie, I don’t think we should be here. I am getting scared.”

“Listen, Barry, just blend in, be quiet, Alexander will show and we'll be on our way!”

Barry did that but not happily. He threw his arms in the air, huffed and grimaced. The chameleon blended into the surroundings and held his tongue.

Charlie turned his head and Barry’s ear pricked. They felt the loud footsteps that beat the ground as loud as a stampeding elephant would.

“Hey, Charlie! Is that you on that rock over there,” someone yelled.

Nobody answered.

“Hey, Charlie, you over there!?”

The ground shook violently as Barry turned round and almost lost his footing. The rock was a mere half size of Alexander’s foot.

“Yes, Alexander, over here I am. Over here!”  Charlie said, waving his hands.

“I see you!” Alexander said and quickly halted, nearly sliding into the rock.

Barry peered over, still hidden. The slight whites of his eyes twinkled.

“Hey,” Alexander said, “What is that over there?" she said and pointed, "I see something. Looks like two little specks.”

Alexander knew already that Barry's wit would be nowhere near as bright as the sun's light, as she easily spotted him hiding in plain sight.

Alexander called over to the two little specks, “Hey, whatcha doing over there? You wanna come and play with us? You don’t have to fit in with everything else. You can be different with us.”

Charlie said, “Hey, come on out. Alexander has seen you. You can start being yourself.”

“Aww, gee, Charlie, thanks. I was getting all alone being by myself and everything.”

“Hi, my name is Alexander. How are you?”

Barry hesitated, turned to Charlie and said, “Gee, am I allowed to talk to her, Charlie? She kinda scares me. I don’t know what’s going on here.”

“Yes, Alexander is a friend. Think of how we are friends only now you have someone else to talk to.”

“Aww, gee, Charlie, I’m still a little scared. Nobody has ever been like this before. I only know who you are.”

“It’s okay. She’s nice. She won’t hurt you."

Charlie turned to Alexander and said, "Lean down and put your hand out. Just let him climb up. He’s a little bashful sometimes. He’s never talked to anyone else before.”

“Poor guy. Why? Doesn't he get out much?”

“He’s shy. He just blends in with everything else. Sorta like he is there but not. Just like a chameleon, you know.”

“What’s his name?”


Barry shook. He could barely make eye contact. He looked towards her, away and back and away and…

“Barry, come on up. Climb up on my hand. Don’t let your fear ruin your fun. Just come on up and we’ll be friends. I won’t hurt you.”

“Aww, gee, Charlie, I don’t feel so good.”

“Barry, come on now. Just climb on up her hand.”

“But, Charlie, you said people don’t much like lizards,” and Barry pouted his lips and squinted his eyes. He almost cried, but he inched towards Alexander’s hand anyway.

“There you go, Barry, just come on up. We’ll be friends. Everything will be okay once you know who I am,” Alexander said.

“Gee, Charlie, this feels awfully uncomfortable. Am I gonna be alright? I don’t wanna die or anything.”

“Barry, come on, you’re okay. Alexander and I have been friends since I came out of my cocoon. Now it’s your turn.”

“Gee, Charlie, but I’m not a butterfly though.”

“Barry, Charlie means that you’ll open up. You’ll be able to be okay with being seen by others. You won’t have to worry about hiding yourself anymore. You’ll be as free as a butterfly but not one itself.”

“Well, gee, guys, I guess that sorta, kinda makes sense. Thanks for being so nice and stuff. This makes me feel better.”

“That’s what friends are for, Barry, now come on. Let's go to go to the picnic table. We can all sit by the fire and have fun.”

Alexander placed Barry on her shoulder. She gracefully walked towards the picnic table so Barry could easily keep his balance. Charlie flew besides them. They sat by the fire, talked and were all comforted in the fact that they could all be friends.

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